The Commercial Cleaning Team at Thorokleen

Paul Dalliday

Paul joined Thorokleen in 1988 cleaning internal windows and carrying out floor maintenance for our customers. In 2005 Paul was promoted to Account Manager and later Business Development Manager. Paul has grown with the business and was awarded for his loyalty and contribution to business growth with shares in 2011. When the Company became Employees owned in 2019 Paul took over the running of the whole business.

Catherine Horsman
Account Manager

Catherine joined Thorokleen in 2016 and specialises with our accounts in Education and NHS. Catherine holds a certificate for Cleaning and Infection Control in primary care and dental practices to ensure CQC legislation is adhered to.

Matthew Dalliday
Account Manager

Matthew joined Thorokleen in 1999 as a full time Cleaning Operative specialising in high level window cleaning and machine floor maintenance. Matthew holds the Operator Training certificate IPAF allowing him to operate a variety of scissor lifts and self-propelled booms to a working height of up to 100 feet. Matthew has grown with the business needs and was rewarded for his loyalty in 2021 when he was promoted to an Account Manager.

Mark Reynolds
Finance Manager

Mark joined Thorokleen in 2021 to manage the day-to-day Accounts office. Mark came to Thorokleen after working at Frontline for 32 years.

Daniel Wiseman
Full time Cleaning Supervisor

Daniel joined Thorokleen in 2007 as a Cleaning Operative. He has excellent knowledge of the company’s products, procedures and customer accounts earning him his supervisory role.

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